Felony Application Disclosure Form: Supplemental Instruction

Thank you for applying to the University of Central Oklahoma. As you have indicated on your application that you were charged or convicted of one or more felonies, you are not “eligible” at this time to enroll in classes, apply for housing, apply for financial aid, or conduct other University business.  In order to be considered for eligibility review, you must provide a full disclosure of information related to your felony charge(s) / conviction(s).  Your application to become a student at the University of Central Oklahoma is not considered complete until you have fully disclosed the information requested on the Felony Application Disclosure Form.  In order to fully disclose the information needed for eligibility consideration, you are responsible for the following:

  1. 1.) Providing all information / documentation requested on the online Felony Application Disclosure Form;

  2. 2.) Confirming that all necessary information / documentation has been received by the Director of Student Conduct; and

  3. 3.) Attending and participating in an interview before the Felony Application Review Board, a panel of faculty and staff members chaired by the Director of Student Conduct that will ultimately determine your eligibility.

This supplemental instruction was created to inform you of what to expect while your eligibility is being determined and address potential questions you may have while completing the Felony Application Disclosure Form.  The link to the Felony Application Disclosure Form, included in your admission letter and emailed to your UConnect account, is unique to you and is the only means of accessing your electronic form.  Please retain this link so that you are able to access your form.  Please carefully read the following guidelines for filling out the Felony Application Disclosure Form:

  1. 1.) Be sure that you have allotted enough time to complete the form once you have started. You will not be able to save an incomplete form and return to complete it later. Be sure you have all information and documentation needed when you plan to submit the form. You may want to allow 30 minutes to complete the form.

  2. 2.) Enter all names by which you have been known including maiden names and nick-names. This benefits you by allowing the background check process to be conducted more swiftly.

  3. 3.) There are several documents that are required to be submitted with this form. You will need to have all required files saved on the computer, or on a flash drive inserted in the computer, you are using to complete this form. Hard copies of documents can be saved to the computer or flash drive by scanning and saving them as PDF files.
    • To upload each document, select from the drop-down menu the type of file you wish you upload. Next, click “Browse” to search your computer or flash drive for the file. After the file has been selected, you will see the document path in the field. Click “Upload” to upload the file to the form. All fields must have a file uploaded in order to submit your application.
    • Please see Figure 1 at the end of this document for a screenshot of a document path for an uploaded document.
    • Suggested sources for obtaining these documents include: probation / parole officer(s), attorney(s), county court clerk office(s), online public record(s), police report(s), etc.
    • Please keep in mind that the list of required documents is not necessarily a list of the titles of the documents, but rather a list of document contexts. The actual title of the documents required may vary by county, state, jurisdiction, etc.
    • If for some reason a required document does not apply to your charge(s) or conviction(s), you will need to create a file to upload that contains a statement explaining why this document is not applicable. For example, if you did not enter a plea of guilty, you may not have a “Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty/Nolo Contendere or Similar Document.” You would then need to upload a statement explaining that you did not plead guilty and / or submit documentation that supports otherwise. If you have submitted one or more of the required documents in person, via mail or via fax to the Office of Student Conduct, your statement that you upload will need to indicate the date and method of your submission of this document. Your statement may be created in a text based program such as Microsoft Word or Notepad.

  4. 4.) Before you are able to submit the Felony Application Disclosure Form, you must check the box indicating that you acknowledge the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Applicant Authorization form, hereto after referred to as the Fair Credit form. You may read the Fair Credit form by clicking the hyperlink text.

  5. 5.) After you have submitted the Felony Application Disclosure Form, you will be redirected to a webpage to make your payment for a background check. A $35.00 background check fee is required in order for a determination of eligibility to be made. A credit or debit card will be needed to make this transaction.
    • If you do not possess a credit or debit card, you may need to obtain a pre-paid card to make this transaction. (For example, Wal-Mart carries pre-paid cards which may be used like debit cards.)
    • Please see Figure 2 at the end of this document for a screenshot of the webpage you will be redirected to for making your payment.

Once all necessary information / documentation has been submitted and received.  You will receive an email from the Office of Student Conduct to notify you of the date and time of your panel interview before the Felony Application Review Board, chaired by the Director of Student Conduct.  Generally, Felony Application Review Board meetings are held once per month.  After your interview, the Felony Application Review Board will make a determination regarding your eligibility.  You will be informed of the timeline in which a decision will be made.  You will receive a notice in writing once a determination of your eligibility has been made.

For questions regarding these instructions, completing out the Felony Application Disclosure Form, and / or the eligibility review process, please contact the Office of Student Conduct:

By mail:100 N University Dr., Box #158
Edmond, OK 73034
By phone:(405) 974-2361
By fax:(405) 974-3817
In person:Lillard Administration Building, Room. 213

Figure 1: Document Uploaded

Figure 2: Background Check Fee Payment Website