Building/Off Campus Location Codes used in the UCO Class Schedule

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A&D Art and Design
ACM_BR Academy of Contemporary Music - Bricktown
ADM Lillard Administration
BUD Buddy's Cafeteria
BUS Business
CHOCT1 Eastern OK Technology Center in Choctaw --- Off Campus
CHS Coyner Health Sciences
COLUMB Columbus Enterprise School --- 2402 S. Pennsylvania Ave, OKC
COM Communications
CPLAZA Central Plaza - Corner of 2nd and Bauman, across from Fire Station
CTB_FT Construction Trades, Francis Tuttle
CTL Center for Transformative Learning
EDM_ME Edmond Memorial HS
EDM_N Edmond North HS
EDM_SF Edmond Santa Fe HS
EDU Education
ELREN1 Canadian Valley Tech Center  --- Chickasha
ELRENO El Reno   --- Off Campus
EVH Evans Hall
FSI Forensic Science Institute
FTUTTL Francis Tuttle VoTech --- 12777 N Rockwell, OKC
GSC Graduate Studies Conference Room, NUC 404
HES Human Environmental Science
HFH Hamilton Field House
HOH Howell Hall
HPE Health and P.E.
INTEGR Integris Hospital --- Off Campus
INTGRI Baptist Hospital --- Off Campus
IVE Interactive Video Class - This course meets off campus at selected "receive sites". Contact the
Distance Education Center at 405-974-5395 or email at
Their web site is  
JZL Jazz Lab - For more information, go to       
LAR Liberal Arts
LBC Learning and Behavior Clinic
LIB Chambers Library
MCS Math & Computer Science
MERCY Mercy Hospital --- Off Campus
MIH Mitchell Hall
MUH Murdaugh Hall
MUS Music
NORHSP Norman Regional Hospital --- 901 N Porter Ave, Norman, OK
NUC Nigh University Center
OKHC Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr, Oklahoma City, OK
OCS-HS Oklahoma Christian School - High School Building    --- Off Campus
OKC Oklahoma City 1    --- Off Campus
OKCCAR Carnegie Center, Downtown Oklahoma City --- 131 Dean A McGee Ave, OKC
OKCCC Oklahoma City Community College --- 7777 S. May Ave, OKC
OLN Old North
OSBI Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - On 2nd Street Across from Campus
PAYNE   Payne Education Center --- 3240 W Britton Rd, #104, OKC
PCITY1 Putnam City Schools
PHA Presidents Old House Annex
REDLND Redlands Community College  --- 1300 S Country Club Road, El Reno
ROSE    Rose State College  --- new University Center (corner of Hudiburg & Trosper) 
RS_BS Rose State College - Business Building
RS_LRC Rose State College - Learning Resource Center
RS_SS Rose State College - Social Sciences Building
RS_TSC Rose State College - Tom Steed Center
RS_TC Rose State College - Training Center
RS_UC Rose State College - University Center
    link to Rose State College Campus Map
SCS Scene Shop
SHIDLR Shidler Elementary School --- 1415 S Byers Ave, OKC
SLL Selman Living Laboratory --- Off Campus  
SPT Stephenson Park Theater --- East 4th Street, Edmond
TCS Theatre Costume Shop
THH Thatcher Hall
WAS Wantland Stadium
WEH West Hall
WEL Wellness Center
WHEELR Wheeler Elementary School --- Off Campus  
WWW World Wide Web Course
YUKONM Yukon Mid High --- Off Campus