Graduation Application Deadlines
  • Fall Graduation - September 15th
  • Online late application for Fall Graduation - September 16th
  • Spring/Summer Graduation - February 15th
  • Online late application for Spring/Summer - February 16th

For more information go to our Graduation Information page.

    Fall Graduation
  • All applications for Fall graduation must be submitted no later than September 15, 2019.
  • After September 15th, 2019 students must apply for graduation in person at the Graduate College Office.

  • Complete all sections from Graduation Term to Graduation Term Class Schedule Information.
  • Read and initial ALL terms and agreements attached to this form.
  • Review all information for accuracy.
  • Electronically sign the form and click the submit button.

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Degree Information

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GRADUATION TERM – Class Schedule Information (Optional)

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Enter all information for courses you are (or will be) enrolled in during your final semester.
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In order to process your submission, we are required to verify your identity. Please include the month and date of your birth below in mmdd format. (Ex: January 17 = 0117)
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It is strongly recommended that you verify the above information is accurate before submitting this form.
Note: It is your responsibility to ensure the information is accurate and typed correctly BEFORE submitting the form.
Once you click submit, you will not have an opportunity to change the information.
Please look for your confirmation page once you click the Submit button and print a copy for your records. If you do NOT see a confirmation page, then your application for graduation was not accepted and you will need to resubmit your application again to ensure it was processed correctly.
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